Looove Design & Storytelling

creates a visual identity for your projects and ideas across all media!

Your vision, your story

I am not only interested in pixel perfection but also in the stories behind each project. Good storytelling connects you to your clients and supporters. What are you passionate about? What do you want to contribute on and offline? Let's change the world together.

Graphic design Portfolio

  • Poster Open Science Conference

    Open Science 2017 Conference Poster and sticker for Open Knowledge Maps

  • Cryptoesel


  • Happy New Year Card

    Happy New Year Cards for Intellinova GmbH

  • Christmas Card Nut Cracker

    Christmas Cards for Intellinova GmbH

  • Spapp Logo

    Speiseplan App "Spapp" - Logo Design

  • Vienna Principles

    Vienna Principles Graphics

  • Open Science

    Design for Open Science

  • I Open Science

    I Open Science

  • Looove Business Cards

    Looove Business Cards

  • Watercolor Trend

    Looove Watercolor Trend

  • Marble Effect Illustration

    Illustration with marble effect

  • Portrait


  • HG Bild Website

    BC trans/learn: Graphic for Website

  • Grafik Startseite

    BC trans/learn: Graphic for Landing Page

  • Logo und Visitenkarten

    BC trans/learn: Logo and Business Cards

  • Come 2 Cut

    Come 2 Cut: Design Hairstylist

  • Poster Dirty Bingo Records

    Dirty Bingo Records: Poster and Flyer

  • Poster Dirty Bingo Records

    Dirty Bingo Records: Result

  • Poster Dirty Bingo Records

    Dirty Bingo Records: Poster and Flyer

  • Illustration 1

    Intellinova GmbH: Illustration 1

  • Illustration 2

    Intellinova GmbH: Ilustration 2

  • Christmas Card

    Intellinova GmbH: Christmas Cards

  • Record Cover

    Collage for Cover Artwork

Across all media

Imagine your ideas working seamlessly together across different media types and platforms - just like the parts of a Rube Golberg machine. Let's create an identity for your project together.

Animation / Motion Graphics

Open Knowledge Maps at Mozfest 2016

Teaser Open Knowledge Maps
Animations and Graphics by Looove Design

Vision for collaborative editing in Open Knowledge Maps

Interface Video OK Maps
Animations and Graphics by Looove Design

Waff Animations

Information Video WAFF
Animations by Looove Design